The principle consultants of Intsilo Limited are Jon Aslin and Joanne Tucker.

Jon is a Chartered Engineer with experience of working in the UK, Middle East, Asia, USA and Europe. He has worked with BOC and Linde in high vacuum systems and industrial gases, and was involved in full-on re-manufacturing years before the Circular Economy was ever discussed. So Jon is familiar with the technical and operational challenges of environmental management, energy conservation and the ongoing grind of cost reduction. In the past few years he has founded and run his own ecommerce ventures, so is also familiar with the stress of running a small business. Prior to establishing Intsilo, he also acquired extensive experience as an analyst working in Government.

Joanne is a Software Engineer with experience of working in New Zealand and the UK. After working as Software Engineer with the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, she moved to London to work in life assurance and later joined Standard Life in Edinburgh as a software engineer. Several years in ecommerce followed this, broadening knowledge of web analytics, data analysis, website development and online documentation systems.

Intsilo is a UK based company, created in response by the directors’ personal drive to help small businesses take advantage of the green economy. The directors believe that:

  • The battle against climate change is the responsibility of every individual
  • Each and every individual and business can make a difference
  • Businesses who adopt low carbon footprints ahead of government regulation will gain a competitive advantage.

The goals of Intsilo are inspired by Al Gore and his Climate Reality project, and other forward thinking activists who know that doing nothing about climate change is not a viable option.