We commend to you the strategy outlined in the 1.5C Business Playbook, published by the Swedish based Exponential Roadmap Initiative. It is this strategy that we use in guiding our clients towards a sustainable future.

Aimed at smaller businesses, this strategy has four pillars:

  1. Reduce your own emissions – we discuss this further in Energy and Emissions.
  2. Reduce your value chain emissions – we discuss this further in Green Supply Chains
  3. Integrate climate into your business strategy – for the reasons we outline in Sustainability
  4. Influence climate action in society – our website and training should give you ideas.

We think this is sensible and prudent approach to form the core of your business sustainability strategy. To maximise its impact we also recommend full declaration and verification of Scope 1&2 emissions, and later, adoption of the B Corp standard. Both these make bold public statements on sustainability which delivers competitive advantage and supports all your stakeholders.