We offer a subscription-based package to business customers in the UK and elsewhere. The objective is to help you and your company colleagues understand what they need and can do, to help cope with the challenges of climate change.

Training – for all your employees. This includes modules on Climate Change, Sustainable Lifestyles, Sustainable Business, Carbon Neutrality and Foot-printing, B Corps. The training is based on a mix of video lectures, written text, reading materials, exercises and quizzes allowing each of your company personnel to work at their own pace.

Guidance – we provide further guidance on how to address sustainability issues and emissions reductions, show to undertake carbon foot-printing, reporting in accordance with PAS2050 and PAS2060 and how to purchase appropriate offsets.  We also provide guidance on how to gain B Corp accreditation and provide the core documentation you might need to support your submission.

Certification – we will verify your submissions for PAS 2050 and/or PAS 2060 and provide you with appropriate reporting guidance and templates to ensure compliance, and if appropriate confirm carbon neutrality. This will enable a public and traceable audit trail to us as independent verifiers. We will provide you with promotional tools and guidance to make the most of your efforts to report emissions and carbon neutrality. To maintain standards all submissions will be subject to our audit process.

Support – we will be available to provide outline advice or signposting of further information or resources to facilitate your further sustainability development.

Micro(1-9 employees)£84 per year *
Small                    (10-49 employees)    £359 per year
Medium              (50-249 employees)£876 per year
Large                    (250+ employees)  £3,272 per year
*This package includes 10 tonnes of CO2 offsets.