We can supply modular training to enable your business and its employees learn about climate change and sustainability issues, and help your business face the challenges and exploit the opportunities.

This package of training is primarily aimed at micro (1-9 employees),  small (10-49 employees) or medium (50-249 employees) sized businesses or organisations, that might lack the resources or scale to justify employment of a full time Sustainability Leader. 

The primary modules are:

Climate Change – the science behind global warming, the history and causes, the impacts on the natural world and human society,  the timescales, future uncertainty and risks, and the broad solutions.

Sustainable Lifestyles – how individual lifestyles will need to adapt to enable a sustainable world. The variation in impact depending on social, economic and geographic factors. The changes to the energy systems and use of resources. The implications of these new market conditions for a business.

Sustainable Business – how businesses need to adapt. The threats posed by failing to change, the risks of being seen by customers not to adapt and becoming sufficiently green. The opportunities for development. Measures to improve sustainability through technology, efficiency, customer and supplier engagement.  How this can be used to enhance customer perception and reinforce environmental credentials in in B2C and B2B markets.

Carbon Neutrality – how a micro,  small or medium sized business can undertake its own carbon foot-printing in accordance with British Standard PAS 2060, and thereby meet the some of the same standards of emissions reporting required of listed or large companies. How to measure, improve, report and offset Scope 1 and 2 emissions, and demonstrate performance to external stakeholders. Introduction to the importance, investigation and implications of Scope 3 emissions and British Standard PAS 2050.

B Corp – how micro, small or medium sized business can adopt a holistic approach to sustainability. How external verification standards such as “B Corp” can be usefully and inexpensively adopted to effectively challenge more established, well financed international brands.

All the above training modules are included as part of our offer. Similar training can be prepared and delivered to bespoke specifications to meet client needs. Contact us for further information.