Enrolment keys

An enrolment key is a unique string of characters that enables  you to enrol in 1 (or more) learning courses, for a specific length of time,  at the Intsilo Learning Portal.  You need an enrolment key to be able to enrol in any of the Intsilo courses.  Enrolment keys allow a specific number of students to enrol in the same set of courses.

The first person to enrol using the enrolment key becomes the 'cohort manager' for that key is able to:

  • see who has enrolled using their enrolment key
  • monitor progress of students within the cohort
  • remove students from the cohort
  • pass on the 'cohort manager' role to another student (within the cohort).

Head over to the Intsilo Learning Portal and log in using your email address.  If you ordered an enrolment key from intsilo.com then you should also have an email with your login details for the Learning Portal.  Search for an email with the subject: "Intsilo Learning Portal: New user account".

If someone has shared an enrolment key with you and you don't already  have a learner account, then you will need to create an account at the Intsilo Learning Portal before you can sign in and use the enrolment key.  Select the 'Create new account' option at the login screen.

Once logged in, follow the on-screen instructions to apply your enrolment key and gain access to Intsilo learning materials.

You can order an enrolment key from intsilo.com.

You can only order 1 enrolment key per order.  If you have reached the limit of students using your enrolment key and need more seats you can either:

  • purchase another enrolment key
  • upgrade your current enrolment key to allow more students.

Please contact if you need help.

There are 3 ways to find information about your enrolment keys:

  • If you ordered an enrolment key from intsilo.com then we sent you details of your purchase  in an email.  Search your email folders for a message with the subject "Intsilo order details".
  • You can also see details of your enrolment keys at intsilo.com by logging into your account.  Log in with the email address you used when placing your order.  The first time you log in you will  need to set a password.   Use the 'Forgot Password' option on the login screen.  Please note, this is NOT the same password you used to log into the Learning Portal.  Once you have logged in you will find details of your enrolment keys in the 'Enrolment keys' section.

  • If you are the 'cohort manager' of an enrolment key then you can see details of your key within the Learning Portal.  Log in to the Learning Portal and select 'Manage your keys' from the Enrolment Management section.  You will see a report like this:

When your enrolment key expires, everyone enrolled using that key loses access to the associated courses.  Your account at Intsilo Learning Portal remains active and you can still view details of your enrolment keys (if you are the cohort manager) and course completion certificates.  If you renew your enrolment key or re-enrol with a new key then your course progress will be recovered and access to course materials restored.

Accounts at the Intsilo Learning Portal (including  course progress, completion certificates and enrolment key details) will be permanentely deleted after a prolonged period of inactivity.  Please see the Learning Portal privacy policy for details.

Accounts and passwords

The Intsilo Learning Portal is here.  You should log in with your email address and learning account password.

If you purchased an enrolment key directly from us then we will have set up an account at the Learning Portal for you and sent you an email with login details.  When you log in for the first time you will be required to change your password.  We strongly recommend that you use a strong password, keep it secure and do not share it with anyone else.

If you have set up your own account at the Learning Portal, then you will have provided your own password.  Your account will only become active once you click on the activation link in the account confirmation email.

You can reset your password at any time by clicking on the 'Forgotten password' link at the login box.  If you supply a recognised email address then we will send you an email with a link to reset your password.

If you have ordered an enrolment key from us then you can log and view your purchase details at Intsilo.com.  Use the 'Forgotten Password' link to reset your password if you don't know what it is.  You don't have to use this facility since we sent full details of your enrolment key to you at the time of purchase.

Please note: logging in to view your account details at Intsilo.com does not log you into the Learning Portal.   Your Learning Portal account is separate and the passwords are not synchronised.

Orders, payments and refunds

We accept payment by all  major credit and debit cards.  Payments are processed by Stripe.

When you  order an enrolment key from us you should receive up to 2 emails from us, shortly after payment is successful.  The first email is confirmation of your order and contains your enrolment key and instructions on how to use it.  The subject of this email starts with "Intsilo order details" and is sent from

If the email address you provided at the checkout is not already registered at the Intsilo Learning Portal, then you should also receive a second email with your learner account details for use at the Learning Portal.  The subject of this email is "Intsilo Learning Portal: New user account" and is sent from .

These two emails constitute your order.  Please check your spam folder if you can't located these emails.

Should these emails prove elusive, you can get details of your enrolment keys directly by viewing your account details at intsilo.com.  You can login at both intsilo.com and portal.intsilo.com with the email address you provided when purchasing.  Please note:  your password for the Learning Portal is NOT the same as your password at intsilo.com  If you don't know your passwords then please use the relevant Forgotten Password facility.

You can also email us at and we'll do our very best to resolve any issues.

We hope that you find our learning courses useful and worthwhile.  Please contact us if you are unsatisfied with our services.

If you have purchased as a consumer then you have statutory rights that entitle you to a refund within the 14-day cooling off period.  For full details please see our Terms of Sale.

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