Use our training package to learn about climate change, sustainability and the environmental challenges businesses face.

We believe that the starting point for change is to share knowledge and so we provide extensive on-line material in our training courses, aimed at all non-specialist staff in small businesses. On our website, the Climate Change section provides a brief overview of the background science of climate change and sustainability, as well as an overview of how businesses and lifestyles may change in the foreseeable future.

In the Guidance section we summarise approaches and techniques that businesses can adopt to help them move towards carbon neutrality and the challenges these changes pose. Topics covered include carbon foot printing, green supply chains and an outline strategy developed for small businesses.

A variety of green credentials are emerging. The Certification section describes some of the major schemes that may be relevant to your business. You can expect new accreditation schemes to become available as businesses become more aware and interested in their environmental footprint. We’ve covered the main accreditation paths currently available and relevant to small businesses, and will updated as new standards gain acceptance and credibility.